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Examples Of Wills

Examples Of Wills

Our high quality easy-to-use legal forms are designed to help protect your rights and to save you time and money. Our forms have been prepared by attorneys and include information and checklists to guide you. Get immediate access to your forms after you purchase. If you're not completely satisfied, you can rely on our no risk 100% money back guarantee.

  • Estate Planning Combo Packages

    Popular Our Estate Planning Combo Packages contain a number of estate planning documents and are for use by individuals who are married, divorced or single, with or without children. These combo packages include an Advance Health Care Directive, Wills and a variety of Power of Attorney forms.

  • Mutual Wills for Couples

    Popular Mutual Wills for Couples designed to set forth your wishes regarding disposition of your estate. Included are Wills for both husband and wife and for couples without children or for those with minor or adult children.

  • Wills for Divorced Persons

    Popular Wills for Divorced Persons who have not remarried and have adult and/or minor children or no children. These forms include a Self-Proved Will Affidavit and will effectively set out the disposition of your estate.

  • Wills for Married Persons

    Popular Wills for Married Persons which can be used by persons with or without children. These Will forms set forth how you wish your estate to be disposed of and the powers granted to the executor of your estate.

  • Wills for Single Persons

    Wills for Single Persons with minor or adult children and those without children. These Will forms set out your specific wishes as to how your personal and real property should be divided and any special bequests you wish to give.

  • Wills for Widows and Widowers

    Popular Wills for Widows and Widowers which will set forth your specific wishes about the disposition of your estate. These Wills can be used by widows and widowers with or without children.

  • Agreement Waiving Inheritance Rights

    Agreement Waiving Inheritance Rights for use by a couple who agree to waive any rights to the estate of the other. This agreement will basically administer an estate as if the couple were not married.

  • Beneficiary and Executor Forms

    Beneficiary and Executor Forms which will assist in estate planning. The Beneficiary Questionnaire Kit includes information about naming beneficiaries and the Executor Information Kit details the duties and responsibilities of your estate executor.

  • Living Wills

    A Living Will allows you to direct the withholding, or to provide, life-prolonging procedures in the event you are incapacitated or terminally ill and unable to do so. A Living Will can be revoked and is often a part of an Advance Health Care Directive.

  • Property Questionnaire Kits

    Property Questionnaire Kit specifically designed to assist in the estate planning process. This form contains questions in regard to all assets, including stocks, bonds or those considered as heirlooms. These questions will help in deciding who should be named as beneficiaries of your estate.

  • Statutory Wills

    Statutory Will forms which are simple to fill-out and will allow you to effectively set forth your wishes regarding your estate. These Will forms are for use in California, Maine and Michigan.

  • Will Amendments, Codicils and Revocations

    Will Amendments, Codicils and Revocations for use when revoking, amending or adding additional codicils to a previously written will. Included are detailed instructions which will assist in making changes to your existing will.